Noise Monitoring

A thorough assessment of sound levels throughout a workplace, known as a noise survey, is the cornerstone of an effective hearing conservation program. Noise Survey Solutions prides itself on exceeding federal noise monitoring regulations; ensuring an accurate and comprehensive depiction of hazardous noise sources throughout your facility. 

All of our surveys are conducted by board-certified occupational audiologist, Dr. Luke Grossi. Methods include measurement of employee noise exposure averaged throughout the work day using state-of-the-art personal noise dosimeters. Additionally, 30-second targeted sound levels are obtained throughout all areas of the plant using an integrated octave-band sound level meter. All equipment is calibrated before and after each survey to ensure validity of results. 

noise survey reporting

All of our noise surveys include a written report explaining our findings. Dosimetry and sound level meter results are color-coded and displayed in a chart for ease of interpretation. Our noise survey reports are designed to outline federal regulation requirements and also recommend "best practice" hearing conservation measures. When results from the study indicate noise exposure in excess of the action level, a hearing protector assessment will be included in the report to ensure adequate employee protection.


Custom Hearing Conservation Program Development

Based on findings from the noise survey, we will work with you to develop a custom hearing conservation program designed to maximize employee hearing protection and minimize company liability. Program objectives include:

  • Identify areas where hearing protection is required

  • Identify employees who require annual audiometric testing

  • Recommend appropriate hearing protection type/NRR

  • Document administrative/engineering controls

  • Outline employee hearing conservation training


Noise Survey Solutions services the entire contiguous United States.